QBS provides a full range of accounting services including bookkeeping, financial reporting, management accounting, account reconciliation, and management of accounts payable and receivable, ensuring accurate financial management.


Our bookkeeping services ensure that your financial transactions are recorded accurately and consistently, providing you with a clear picture of your business's financial health. We handle all aspects of bookkeeping, including general ledger maintenance, bank reconciliations, and monthly financial statement preparation.

Financial Reporting

We provide comprehensive financial reporting services, including the preparation of financial statements in accordance with applicable accounting standards, such as Indian GAAP, IFRS, or US GAAP. Our team of accounting professionals ensures that your financial reports are accurate, timely, and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Management Accounting

Our management accounting services provide businesses with the information needed to make informed strategic and operational decisions. We offer customized financial analysis and reporting, including budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, and performance measurement.

Account Reconciliation

We perform account reconciliations to ensure that your financial records are accurate and complete. Our services include bank account reconciliations, credit card reconciliations, and intercompany reconciliations. We identify discrepancies and resolve them in a timely manner to maintain the integrity of your financial data.

Accounts Payable and Receivable Management

Our accounts payable and receivable management services help businesses optimize their cash flow and maintain strong vendor and customer relationships. We handle invoice processing, payment processing, collection efforts, and dispute resolution, ensuring that your accounts payable and receivable activities are managed efficiently and effectively.